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Our flying pan has a 20cm diameter; this simple and compact cooking tool could be used to serve at your dining table directly. We have chosen bamboo for the handle, because of it is light- weight, durable, and does not easily corrode. The connection part between the body and the handle is made of stainless steel in order not to conduct heat easily, and it is a longer size to protect the bamboo handle.
The traditional metal frying pan is ideal for cooking; however it is necessary to maintain it constantly. Our company has realized a frying pan that only needs a pot scourer or metal spatula to clean and only needs drying after washing. We named the new processing method ‘OXYNIT’ this is a combination between a tough layer of a nitrogenous compound and an oxidize film. This is not a resin treated surface, so it is very safe to use.


  • manufacture:PRINCE KOGYO CO.,LTD.
  • designer:Mitsunobu Hagino
  • material:Pan : Steel, Handle : Bamboo
  • finish:Pan : OXYNIT finish (nitridization finish)