tales of century-long living



Creation of Centennial Values: items to be enjoyed for a new generation

The central theme of Tales of a Century is to create items for ushering in a new style of everyday life that can be enjoyed, cared for and passed on for generations to come. Adhering to this theme, these items are not mass-produced for mass consumption. Painstakingly created under small scale productions, these products are designed to serve their individual owners for eternity and beyond. Regardless of your sense of value and personal needs, we are confident that you will become fond of them, or can share their pleasure by offering them to your friends and loved ones. The items themselves have such superior craftsmanship and elegant design to captivate you even from a distance. Niigata, with its rich history of craftsmanship and vibrant energy, is pleased to present to the world this collection of items, designed to support as well as create a better style.



Every year ,NICO proposes a theme and makes a public appeal for companies to participate

Participating companies develop products with advice from NICO and design managers.


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