Table Lamp Arch Shaped

The TANZAKU Lamp is a table light stand that creates beautiful spaces, precious moments with loved ones, and pleasant time for yourself. The curved strips of wood create unique light, shade and formations.
When turned on, beautiful light and shade are created. When turned off, it can be enjoyed as a beautifully shaped piece of interior furniture.
Dr. Tomohiko Kamitani, professor emeritus at Niigata University, was involved in designing the lamp. It uses “Snow Beech,” a beechwood milled by a local forestry cooperative and corporation. Through using this material, we are aiming at a forest cycle measured in terms of 100 years and the recovery of biodiversity.
“We hope our products inspire a greater appreciation in our users for the natural surroundings in their area.” This is the hope of the people involved in Storio. We hope their “stories” will be heard far and wide. The hope expressed in the company name is the driving force for the creation of their products.



finish:Urethane Coating

weight(body):120 g


designer:Kazuhisa Kimura