Tools for the Next Way of Life

  • Evolve through design

    The discovery of something entirely new, something of beauty, something tha makes you smile. The discovery of a new sensibility.

  • Evolve through material

    Materials that are selected not only for their functionality but for their inherit worth, for the feelings they evoke. The discovery of a new value in materials.

  • Evolve through technique

    Techniques that create products with individual appeal, bespoke products with their own distinct character. Techniques that impart a new sense of value.

  • Evolve through function

    Products that offer ease of use, convenience, safety and peace of mind. Products that provide the things we cannot do without in our every day lives.

  • Evolve through meaning (narrative, culture, conduct)

    A fresh look at products that prossess their own inherent worth, in and of themselves, as well as possessing worth through their use and function.