”If I wasn’t hard, I wouldn’t be alive. If I couldn’t ever be gentle, I wouldn’t deserve to be alive.”

  • The aesthetics of poise and demeanour

    To live your life in your own style. To express yourself in your own language.
    To co-ordinate your outfits according to your own taste. To enjoy a pipe at your own sweet leisure. This is what we refer to here as “dandyism”.

  • Bring aesthetic sensibilities into work.

    Being able to focus and take pleasure in your work is something you do in your own inimitable style. Of course it is essential that the right tools are chosen. A carefully worked wooden stationery or collection box, a celluloid card case that speaks of times gone by. It is the small things in life that give great pleasure.

  • Bring aesthetic sensibilities into leisure.

    Treating leisure time as something precious, making memories on the way.
    Create something new by assembling wooden blocks. Or, create nothing new from them but simply take pleasure in building with them! What is important is not the aim of a project but the pleasure and relaxation to be gained therein.

  • Bring aesthetic sensibilities into everyday life.

    Sleeping, enjoying a coffee, making furniture, all the tiny chores of everyday life are to be treasured. Fine gauze bed linen, a sliding coffee table, a carpenter’s tool set and apron designed with functionality in mind. All of these items carefully chosen by oneself.