Next Tool for Next Life

A new way of living is discovered

A way of living in which storage as an art object in the room.

Fold, spread out, use, fold.An light way of living.

A way of living of freely enjoying drinks with friends, anywhere.
A way of living enjoying lighting effects’.
A way of living that treasures sleep time.

  • Play more with paper

    Paper that wraps the heart, communicates.
    A knife that cuts paper with paper awakens to rich colors.

  • Wisdom of Japanese living makes the world richer

    Helping people of the world use Japanese knives with excellent cutting quality.

    Designing a form that makes Japanese knives easier to use and cut with.

  • 日本の暮らしの知恵が世界を豊かにする


  • Tools become closer to people

    Grooming tools inspired by attire, sensitivity.

    Nail Nippers that are light, soft on the hands and a masterpiece for the next generation.

    Coffee kettle that is compact, light and a suitable size for everyday living.

    Card case that complements the hand’s subtle movements.

    Glasses case and fountain pen case that are handy, light and strong. Wood cases that blend with the hand’s skin.