Kitchen Tool series

Enjoy cooking healthy (Japanese) food easily, with idea of ‘Onko Chishin’,
developing new ideas based on study of the past

You could feel how well it cuts when slicing vegetables. It is easy to make dried vegetables that are very popular in Japan at the moment. Dried vegetables are not a new invention; these are in fact an old-fashioned food. The making process is very simple and easy, just sun drying for a period of time.
Using this technique, vegetables became sweeter; need a shorter time to cook and importantly nutritional value become high as well apparently. It is a perfect for people who live in a busy life. Some old vegetable in the fridge can transform into healthy dried vegetables if you use a vegetable slicer, shredder and peeler. Traditional Japanese lifestyle is very ecological and Japanese food is based the idea of ‘no waste’. PRINCE KOGYO CO., LTD. tries to respect the spirits and wisdom from old days, and would like to introduce the traditional ideas backs to the world.


  • manufacture:PRINCE KOGYO CO.,LTD.
  • designer:Nobuo Takano, Mitsunobu Hagino
  • material:stainless steel
  • finish:fluorocarbon polymer coating