Hand-dyeing TENUGUI cloth

Bring an artistic mind into you daily life with a fabric roll Design your own free space

In Japan, a ‘Kakemono’, hanging scroll is a popular type of art in Japan. These are either normally paintings or calligraphy, and hanging at ‘Tokonoma’, alcove. People change the scroll every season, for celebration and expressing with messages.
Traditional ‘Tenugui’, is a Japanese traditional hand towel that has been cut in small sizes and sold through stores; however there are also rolls of textiles ready produced at factories. It is very beautiful and looks like a roll of ‘Kakemono’. The roll of the textile is ten metre long in length, which is same amount of fabric that can make a Kimono for an adult.
A roll of textile, could give people choice of the size and way to use by cutting themselves freely. Art pieces are not only displayed in a special place such as museums or galleries, we could enjoy in daily life also. ECHIGO-KAMEGONYA FUJIOKA Dying-factory sticks to a traditional dye technique. ‘Sosogi zome’ is very rare to see now days. They are showing the spirit of inheritance of their tradition and the reliable skill of craftsmen which then appear on the textile. The company’s attitude is the most artistic part.


  • manufacture:ECHIGO-KAMEGONYA FUJIOKA Dying-factory
  • designer:Ayumi Fujioka
  • material:cotton100%
  • finish:Sulfuration stain