Wooden Life

To appreciate my own important time with trees has hundreds old.

You can change your mood instantly if you have a cup of coffee. It explains how a coffee break is important for us. It is not too much to say that your life will benefit if you make yourself comfortable in your break time. They would like to introduce to carry out your life in your way when drink a cup of coffee.
Takahiro Fukuda, 3rd generation of MARUNAO CO.,LTD. has produced and designed this coffee cup and saucer, and would like you to feel the texture, beautiful form, and mild agreeable to the taste that will be a very subtle sense and stimulate your body and mind.
Ebony has a beautiful striped pattern whilst rosewood has an elegant reddish colour. They have cut these woods to create the shadings which would have a sense of ‘Wabi-Sabi’, an idea that the Sen no Rikyū (16th Century Japanese master of the tea ceremony) liked.
This set of coffee cups that has made from ebony and rosewood give you an impression to sharp and strong, yet profound quality. Most of the processes are handmade. Hard woods are sublimated to become tableware by skilled craftsmen. The coffee cup has such a presence to be only there. You would feel the stream of power, and have a conversation between the object and you. Only company like them, MARUNAO CO., LTD. that knows about nature of wood could then produce these ultimate coffee cup and saucer, and have a coffee time that make your life rich.


  • manufacture:MARUNAO CO.,LTD.
  • designer:Takahiro Fukuda
  • material:main:ebony wood, rose wood, inlaying:silver
  • finish:Urethane surface finish