Tonight, I drink with you again,
and talk with you from the heart

The Sake cup and container look mythical as if a flame has transferred to each vessel and burns in them. These 3 items are made by Harasouemon’s studio, the 20th generation of the founder and the 4th generation as a wax mould casting maker. They are one-off master-pieces that are made for a couple who would like to warm their relationship up and enjoy “special time for drinking Sake”.
Another product we make is an arabesque-patterned candle stand that the light of a candle shines through and creates a calm atmosphere. ‘Arabesque’ is a famous classic motif and is believed to be a good luck charm, symbolizing climbing vines. We have used this classic pattern on a handle of a Sake container and a drop-lid for Sake cooler as well, and chose a translucent red lacquer finish to view the vine pattern in a subtle way.


  • manufacture:Okubo Casting 5th Generation Seiun Souemon Hara
  • designer:Satoshi Hara,Yoshiko Hara
  • material:bronze
  • finish:black