Breakfast crockery

Make the most of breakfast

Looking again at the importance of the first meal of the day, 4 pieces of Mumyoi Yaki crockery to allow for a truly indulgent breakfast.

Increasing numbers of people are forgetting the importance of breakfast as the source of the day’s energy and either grabbing something out or skipping the meal entirely. We want people to look again at the importance of eating breakfast in the home by using this 4 piece Mumyoi Yaki crockery set.
The design takes the base red colour of the Mumyoi clay in Sado, Niigata and adds black, white and brown clays to enhance the beauty of the natural redness of Mumyoi Yaki. At once easy to store and great to use, the mug, morning plate and both sizes of bowl have been designed specifically for breakfast but are also perfect for use at other meal or snack times.


  • manufacture:Nagayanagi To-bo
  • designer:Shuichi Nagayanagi
  • material:Mumyoui clay
  • finish:Kneaded, vitrified (fired to a gloss)