Toss Out

Extinguish by throwing! Put out a fire in its first stage and secure a route of escape.

A fire-extinguishing tool designed specifically for use at the first stages of a fire. Extinguishes flames by simply being thrown into their midst at the source of the fire.

Designed to be used in the early stages of a fire (when the reach of the flames is not yet at standing height) Toss Out brings out the bravery in the user. It is an easy-to-use and highly convenient fire-extinguishing tool that works by simply being thrown into flames at the source of the fire. Dry chemical fire extinguishers only work if the powder is sprayed directly on to the flames from close range but if one is alarmed by sudden fire, especially in the case of children and the elderly, they can be extremely difficult to use effectively. With Toss Out, however, the bottle breaks upon impact with a floor or wall and the solution contained within puts out the flames. By keeping it accessible, should the unthinkable happen and a fire break out, one can extinguish the flames at the early stage and ensure a route of escape. The fire-extinguisher can be used on petrol, oil and textile fires.
The design of the tool is a compact, red doughnut shape so does not require a specific place to be kept and does not look out of place in a general living area. The doughnut shape has been chosen specifically as it makes the tool easy to grab and easy to throw.


  • manufacture:Japan Fire Protect, Inc
  • designer:COBO DESIGN
  • material:Bottle: specialised plastic Liquid: potassium carbonate, phosphoric acid ammonia etc