The aesthetics of conduct

“The aesthetics of conduct”, expressed through the use of the European walking stick. Marunao have taken this icon of gentlemanly manners one step further and created sticks from special snakewood and ebony.

■ Gentleman’s walking stick “Snake”
■ Gentleman’s walking stick “Hawk”

The precious snakewood inlay gives the air of something to be highly cherished whilst the line cut of the ebony lends the stick a particularly clean and sharp impression.
Snakewood is a broad-leaf tree originating in South America. Of all precious woods it is one of the most difficult to procure. The term ebony is used to describe the hardwood that comes from the trees of the Ebenaceae family. The characteristically streaky wood is much prized and often used in the making of musical instruments. Both snakewood and ebony, being hardwoods, are very challenging to work with and a high level of technical skill is required to assemble multiple components. The resulting piece is then finished with Marunao’s signature polish to bring out the very best in the natural woods.


  • manufacture:Marunao Co.,Ltd.
  • designer:Takahiro Fukuda Asami Maruta
  • material:Snake wood, Gold, Synthetic rubber Ebony wood, Silver, Synthetic rubber
  • finish:Urethane paint