monge plus “shake hands”

A business card holder taking as its motif the shaking of hands

Recognised the world over as a sign of goodwill, the simple gesture of shaking hands. The design of this card case takes the handshake as its motif. Tsubame city (known for its metalworking) and Sabae city (known for the anufacture of glasses), each area has developed its own techniques and materials. This card case brings these materials and isciplines together in a meaningful way, just as in the case of the joining of hands.
The business card holder can hold up to 15 to 20 cards. Th e cellulose acetate cover opens and shuts by way of a stainless steel hinge. The opening is slightly tilted making for the easy removal of individual cards.


  • manufacture:monge
  • designer:monge
  • material:cellulose acetate, stainless steel, neodymium magnet
  • finish:Cellulose acetate: barrel polish Stainless steel: mirror polish