Smart metal

Not just a fashion accessory, but also a golfing essential.

Explorer and producer of tools
With over 70 years of experience , Aiba Sangyo manufactures high quality tools such as wrenches and spanners. Since the
beginning, They have incorporated various materials, new technologies and explored different production fields and were the world’s
first producers of tools made from aluminium alloy. Today, they also forge products using titanium and magnesium alloy.

From h ammering to the machine finish they have a fully integrated production system in place and their customers can rest assured
in the knowledge that their products are completely compliant with the stringent safety and quality control measures set out in ISO
19001. In addition to this they are known for their innovation and as one of NICO’s Hyakunen Monogatari project members they
developed the highly original “Spanner in a Card” (S.I.C.)

Golf Accessories Belt Buckle Set
A buckle to which one can attach th ose essential golfing items – the ball marker and the pitch mark repair fork. The buckle is made
of stainless steel and has a powerful magnet on the inside to hold the metal accessories firmly in place. The buckle, marker and fork
are all of chic, simple design but the slightly larger than average square buckle has a beautiful mirror finish which lends it a real
presence. The belt strap is made of quality cowhide and is available in either black or white. Forget the score, why not set yourself
apart from the other golfers with this ace of a belt buckle!


  • manufacture:AIBA SANGYO Co.,Ltd.
  • designer:Kenichiro Aiba
  • material:Buckle: stainless steel Belt: leather
  • finish:Mirror finish