Seppouto has a slip joint to lock the blade closed for safety when you carry it.
The blade and grip are connected with a screw that can be tightened whenever necessary.
Seppouto is a modern update of an old-fashioned basic craft knife with a comfortable grip. Designed in two sizes (L & S) to suit adult or child-sized hands.
The blade is a composite of Gokunantetsu (soft iron) and Shirogami 2 (hard steel) forged by hammer. The high quality stainless steel grip is produced by a machine process.
The hand-crafted blade is attached to the high quality machine made grip only after wire cutting.
These days, many children don't know how to use knives properly. Seppouto is available in a special small size designed to be safe and comfortable for children. The small size makes it possible for parents to teach their kids how to use and sharpen knives without worrying about safety.


  • manufacture:Snow Peak Inc.
  • designer:Kei Kosugi
  • material:Blade : Shirogami Grip : Stainless steel
  • finish:Silver : Blast Black : Chromium Plating