Mark the passage of Time of our rest
with a light which sways as if breathing

Neos would like to introduce new lighting; ‘REN’ is a modern version of ‘Andon’ that featured ‘Oguni Washi’, traditional Japanese paper made in Niigata prefecture. Even using bulbs instead of candles, a light through this handmade paper that has not changed at all, bringing traditional lighting to the space (meaning the room) It calls us back to a peaceful time that we almost forgot.
The design of the ceiling light is extremely simple; 4 sheets of Japanese paper hang from the square structure. These paper sheets swing because of the loose structure, moreover there are many tiny slits in the paper, and they catch subtle air movement and sway. This is very delicate lighting.


  • manufacture:NEOS CO., LTD.
  • designer:Atsushi Yamamoto
  • material:Japanese paper(kouzo),persimmon tannin,silk thread,steel
  • finish:steel stick:surface treatment(cation black painting )