Natural style

Such a small tool makes a scene look different

People just pass by. People do not stop if there is no reason to. But “Hot Spoon” could change your idea of time and place passing by making it a more comfortable way. There is a tank where an alcohol goes, and with only a small amount you could make 2 cups of hot water on it. You may only need one reason – a breeze was blowing pleasantly. You sit down and make tea and feel the “best time” of the day with us. It is more interesting to discover something you were missing from your everyday life. The character of this portable burner is that it has a cooker and tank which is unified and has a shape like a spoon. We have designed an element of enjoying fire; you could hold the handle (where the tank is situated) move around or adjust the heat by the control.
The user could awaken a totally new feeling. This burner could be used for warming up cheese fondue. You could h ave a quality time thinking of your ways to use this burner.


  • manufacture:SNOW PEAK INC.
  • designer:Masato Nagatsuma
  • material:Body: Stainless Steel,Non-Metallic Seal:SBR
  • finish:satin finish