The technique of creating Rougata Chukin originates in ancient Egypt and were adopted by the Japanese in the Nara era, 1300 years before. The soil of Okubo, Kashiwazaki-city, where Harasouemon is based, is ideal for making moulds for cast metal and since the early Edo era the area has prospered in the industry of making Bonsho (temple bells) and Shiogama (salt ovens). Since then, Okubo Imono, or metal casting, made inroads into this industry with the manufacturing of Rougata Chukin. Harasouemon is currently on the 20th generation of casters, and the 4th generation of casters specialising in making Rougata Chukin.


  • manufacture:Okubo Casting 4th Generation Seiun Souemon Hara
  • designer:Satoshi Hara, Yoshiko Hara
  • material:Bronze
  • finish:Bronze with purple spots(Black),Bronze with purple spots