Smart storage
Bring the digital world with you anywhere

You reach for a clutch bag next to you. It has a solid and supple texture. There are colorful stars sparkling on the matt black surface. You open the zipper and take out your PC and a USB memory stick. When you switch on your PC, in any place, even on a train you bring your office with you instantly.

Digital technology is developing each day, and every time new digital products come out, you can end up having too many products. The advantage of mobile technology is that you can use it anywhere, but we now have to carry so many external attachments it can be very difficult to find them in your bag. This paper-made clutch bag would solve these problems. As a material, we use a vulcanized fiber using a process of layering papers first and then soaking with special liquid to keep them together. The charm of this paper-made material is that it does not have a cold metal or plastic appearance, and is very comfortable to touch.


  • manufacture:ADACHI SHIKI KOGYO Co,.Ltd.
  • designer:Hiroshi Kobayashi
  • material:ClutchBag : Main part : VULCANAIZEDFIBER,Pordh : VULCANAIZEDFIBER, NEOPRENE
  • finish:Black mat painting