Let’s travel somewhere exciting with your favorite aroma

In Japan, we express ‘hear the aroma’, instead of inhaling the aroma. Japanese believe that delicate aromas speak to your mind. The portable incense box that inspired by leaves of trees would be perfect item to bring when traveling; you will have unique and memorable time. The technique of Rougata Chukin, wax pattern casting, originates in ancient Egypt and introduced to Japan in Nara period (710-794). The original mould was made by pine resin and bee wax, make a mould by ‘Mane’ a soil for casting, pouring melting copper into the mould and then their product will be made.
In 1978, Okubo Casting 4th Generation Seiun Souemon Hara has designated as intangible cultural asset by Niigata. ‘Hanshidou’ is a technique to make purple patched pattern, and the process is putting a bronze product that craftsman just made in the middle of charcoals and burns upto 800 degrees. This is really art that the flame produces. [Hanshidou Incense box(Leef)]has a shape of 3 different leaves, ‘Kaki’ Japanese persimmon, ‘Ichou’ ginkgo and ‘Susuki’, Japanese pampas grass, and with an adjustable sliding rid that is easy to carry. In order to keep a light weight, they have chosen very minimum design. Sensitivity to make moulds, boldness to manipulate both metal and flame, elaboration to polish the metal; we should cerebrate this portable piece of art that has been inherited and has been loved to wide audience by generations.


  • manufacture:Okubo Casting 4th Generation Seiun Souemon Hara
  • designer:Satoshi Hara,Yoshiko Hara
  • material:bronze
  • finish:Hanshidou, Hanshidou Black finish