Laptop Computer Stand

Artistic masterpiece from Japan that give us comfortable time and space

‘Both work and Life would be much easier if people could organize around computer work space in stylish way.’ With this concept, Ohminato Bunkichi Shoten Co.,Ltd. has pursued to design a computer stand. They use natural wood as a material. Skilled craftsmen who know about wood make a corrugated surface of the top plate precisely. The table top has a beautiful and modern colour and gives warn texture on cold and inorganic laptop computer. This masterpiece is a fusion between laptop computers that are a modern idea and Japanese traditional craftsmanship, and it could give rooms a harmonious space. This product is not only aesthetic but also very practical. The manufacture has realised beautiful design as well as smooth movement of the stand top because of using original wood process technique from Japan and craftsmen. The wood is joined together without using glue, but only making uneven on the tip of the woods. There are tray & drawer for computer peripherals include for the mouse, adaptor, and cables that tend to be scattered.


  • manufacture:Ohminato Bunkichi Shoten Co.,Ltd.
  • designer:Yousuke Ohminato
  • material:paulownia, hiba (thuja dolabrata)
  • finish:Uretthane Coating