Female craftsman

It is inspiring when you excite about truly good products.

KAKURI WORKS LTD. is getting many fans in Germany. The company has been trying to fuse advantage of craftsmanship both between Germany and Japan. They also very impressed about their slow life style.
To have a richer lifestyle, the company has decided to develop woodworker’s tools for women. They thought that it is important to have a beautiful finish, not a speed or efficiency. As a result, they have produced elegant and supple tools. They have used Red oak for the handles with all tools. Red oak is very strong and has a beautiful wood grain. Having said that, it is not just strong but has flexibility, therefore the handle would not break easily. Design of the handle was simple yet purely beautiful. It is very easy to imagine that these woodworker’s tools attract many people instantly. These tools would to give people lead a prosaic life, a pleasure of making, and that will be refreshing.


  • manufacture:KAKURI WORKS LTD.
  • designer:Katsuhiro Kato , Kouko Sakagami
  • material:saw, blade replaceable “blade: high-carbon steel handle: red oak” plane “blade: blue paper steel and soft iron body: red oak” chisel “blade: high-carbon vanadium steel handle: red oak” hammer “head: high-carbon vanadium steel handle: red oak” tool bag(shoulder) “mixture cloth (hemp and cotton) , iron” tool bag(handbag) “mixture cloth (hemp and cotton), iron, rubber tube, brass”
  • finish:Saw Handle: Oil finish Plane Body: Oil finish Chisel Handle: Oil finish Hammer Handle: Oil finish