ECHIGO KAMEGONYA was founded in 1748 and as an established dyeing factory is proud to be guardian of old Japanese customs. The traditional techniques used to dye “tenugui” (Japanese tea towels), “noren” (Japanese drapes) and so on have hardly changed since the foundation of the company. All processes are carried out manually with the greatest of care and the experience and skill of the craftsmen goes into making each and every product.

A formal bag inspired by “Fukusa”, a type of crepe wrapper traditionally used in Japan to present ceremonial gifts or to store precious objects. Once the fabric is opened out by removing the leather cord, stopped by a stainless steel toggle, one can place objects in the inner pockets. Durable Sashiko fabric is used for the outer of the bag.


  • designer:Toshiaki Fujioka
  • material:Body:Cotton, Hundle:Genuine Leather, Button:Stainless steel