Damascus Layered

New use of material produces beautiful objects

Pencil holders are essential stationery for executive people. They have stretched Laminated steel to produce a cylindrical shape, then hollow the inside with a machining process, and finally they highly polish the surface to achieve a mirror finish. It takes three days to complete these processes, even for skilled craftsmen. It would be unlikely to find any stationery that has taken so many man hours to produce. It would be a perfect gift for someone with a creative and artistic mind. This is true piece without compromise. The white silver coloured links on your cuffs have an elegant shine and would give you a sophisticated and sexy look. SUWADA BLACKSMITH WORKS, INC. has developed a new material that is laminated steel, processed in three dimensional shapes – these products will shine for hundred years. Skilled craftsmen have cut the layer of laminated steel in vertical lengths for the cuff links, and horizontally for the buttons. After this procedure they are then polished by hand. This is a very fine example of collaboration for craftsmen who are then able to bring out the character of the new material.


  • designer:Tomoyuki Kobayashi
  • material:forged damascus stainless steel
  • finish:Etched Mirror Finish, Etched Mirror Black Stripe