With a smart action,be a star on the green

When marking the ball, many golf players use a ball marker which they keep in their caps, or take from their pockets. “Is there a smarter way to do that?” This was the starting point for developing this buckled belt for golf lovers. The ball marker is held by a hidden magnet inside the belt, and one can take it out with a single hand by pressing one side of the marker. To avoid mixing up with someone else’s marker,,the markers are made identifiable.
The buckle is made from stainless steel with a mirror finish. The black belt strap is made from cowhide. There are 2 different buckles; angular twelve-sided polygon design is for men and simple round shape design is for women. These elegant belts and buckles are compatible with the sophisticated manner required of golfers and fashionable to stand out on the green.


  • manufacture:AIBA SANGYO CO.,LTD.
  • designer:Kenichiro Aiba
  • material:Body:stainless, belt:bull leather
  • finish:MIRROR FINISH