2F Uターン情報センター

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Thinking about doing a U-Turn or I-Turn to Niigata. This is the place to look for announcements and events related to job hunting in the area.
Niigata U-Turn Information Center
新潟県の仕事と暮らしの相談窓口 にいがたUターン情報センター


2F Uターン情報センター

Niigata U-Turn Information Center operates a comprehensive consultation service about living and working in Niigata for all those thinking about doing a U-Turn or I-Turn (leaving big cities in search of a better life in regional areas) to Niigata.

We provide job listings and information about companies in Niigata, as well as offering employment assistance. Here you can:

● Receive job counseling from professional staff
● Check the latest job listings in Niigata
● Have us contact employers about job offers on your behalf

As the first U-Turn/I-Turn office in Japan to introduce a job placement function, the choice of jobs available is much wider. By installing the same search engine as the national job placement agency, Hello Work, you can get the latest job listings for Niigata without having to leave Tokyo.
Furthermore, we can act as a liaison for you if you find a job offer that suits your requirements and contact the company on your behalf or issue a letter of introduction.
Conveniently for those who are unable to visit on weekdays because of school or work, we are also open on weekends.
"Want to move to Niigata but don't know how to start looking for a job?" "Want to know what kind of positions are available in Niigata?"
We can answer any question you may have about living and working in Niigata.
Whether you're about to graduate from school or already working, if you're thinking of living and working in Niigata, be sure to drop in to the U-Turn Information Center.

Opening hours10:30 - 18:30
ClosedTuesdays, public holidays, New Year
Fax03-5771-7714 (Same as Niigata Relocation Support Desk:Kokosumu Niigata, 2F)