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About Us
Niigata prefecture is…
Niigata prefecture is located in the center of the Japan Sea coast of Honshu Island. It is surrounded by the Asahi, Iide, and Echigo mountains lying in the east, and the West Kubiki and Hakuba mountains lying in the west.
Many rivers including the Shinano river flow from these mountains and empty into the Sea of Japan, forming broad and rich rice-producing areas known as the Echigo and Takada plains. In the Sea of Japan, we also have two islands named Sado and Awashima. Niigata is surrounded by abundant nature with four distinctive seasons, which enhance our prefecturefs natural beauty.
The Power of Niigata
We have many manufacturing plants in Niigata prefecture. Throughout our histrory, Niigata has been a prosperous manufacturing center with a wide array of local industries. Niigata is an industrial area blending both traditional craftsmanship techniques and modern mass production technology to create high quality products.
A Message from NICO
Niigata is a place where many excellent products, used in our everyday living, are created via superior techniques by our distinguished craftsmen. These craftsmen, along with the businesses in the prefecture, are eager to bring their outstanding skills to an even higher level. NICO intends to channel their energies together into creating better items for the world, so that not only Niigata, but the whole world can benefit from a better and more enjoyable lifestyle. With our campaign activities this year acting as a launchpad, the network of Niigata’s businesses and craftsmen will continue to offer to the world items that usher in the next generation lifestyle, and make a difference to your life.


Niigata Industrial Creation Organization [NICO]
5-1, Bandaijima, Chuo-ku, Niigata-city, 950-0078 JAPAN / PHONE:+81-(0)25-246-0025 FAX:+81-(0)25-246-0030 E-mail:hyaku@nico.or.jp